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Leading partner in algorithmic 0-Day Index Option trading, creating a new standard for liquidity and growing your capital to reach financial freedom. It's hard to manage your investments as a busy professional. Let our team create income for you to reach financial freedom while your still young enough to enjoy it .

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About us

MBH Capital Management is a systematic 0 days to expiration index options hedge fund.

We benchmark ourselves to quarterly performance regardless of market environment. This allows us to shield and multiply your capital away from market volatility and give you the certainty to achieve your financial goals, enabling you to do the things in life that sets your heart on fire!

About us

Accredited Investors

Investment opportunities are abundant, but the challenge lies in making the right choices.

Our dedicated team analyzes market trends, evaluates risk factors, and recommends asset classes that align with your financial objectives.

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Hedge Against Inflation

With inflation cutting into your purchasing power at 5% annually it's time to protect yourself. At MBH Capital Management, we provide the risk free return of US treasuries and our 0 days to expiration strategies. our technology and experience to compound your capital daily, ensuring that your investment not only withstands inflation but is safeguarded and grows in all market environments.


Audited Public Track Record

We are an SEC regulated fund & audited by public accounting firms. We are registered under all federal regulations for hedge funds. All our returns are confirmed by neutral 3rd parties to ensure we meet all US regulatory requirements. All our fund documents can be accessed on the SEC Edgar website.


Daily Compounding

Through zero days to expiration options, we compound your investment daily, unlocking exponential growth in your capital sooner rather than later. For an example of daily compounding: over a 2 year period if you returned 0.25% daily of the initial account value, you would have a 125% return. Over that same period, if you were to take that same investment and compound the daily balance by 0.25%, you would return 251%, or double the return. That is the real miracle of investing compounding.


Strategic Investment Innovation

We utilize multiple portfolios that offset total exposure. Our fund utilizes 4 portfolios of 0 DTE non directional volatility, 0 DTE signal based trend following, 1 DTE non directional volatility strategy & tail risk hedge.


Tax Efficiency

Utilizing SPX index options, we leverage the 1256 tax advantage which provides tax rate of 60% long capital gains & 40% as short term capital gains, cutting your tax burden by over 1/3 .


Average ROI of 16.3% Annually

Achieve long-term growth. Our clients enjoy an average annual ROI of 16.3%.


Success Client Stories

Hear firsthand accounts of financial success from our satisfied clients.


In Sustainable Investments

Our sustainable investment options offer both strong performance and impact.

Our Approach

The core of our investment philosophy lies in leveraging adaptive algorithms to trade 0-DTE Index Options, employing a systemic quantitative approach that is purely mathematical in nature.

Each day, our trading algorithms recalibrate to the current day's market conditions, deploying capital at market open and which expire at market close. This allows us to have no overnight risk that is not hedged.

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Algorithmic Driven Trading

We leverage multiple uncorrelated return streams within our quantitative strategies designed for speed and precision. enabling your investment to thrive in the volatility of today's markets and grow your wealth like the 0.01%


Multi-Strategy Ecosystem

We dynamically adjust to the market with our multi-strategy ecosystem tailored to navigate diverse market conditions. By deploying one of 20 finely-tuned strategies, we maximize returns and mitigate risk.


Daily Compounding

By utilizing zero days to expiration options we are able to deploy your capital more efficiently on a daily basis, providing exact sizing and rebalancing to compound your investment geometrically each day. This speed of capital used creates smoother returns in a shorter period of time to compound  your capital beyond traditional yearly projections.


Tail Risk Management

Your capital's security is our top priority. Our portfolio risk management framework offsets one another's exposure .Our strategies are designed to be market neutral with convex tail risk hedges that outperform in market environments of signfigant volatility.

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